Kelvin Feedback


The ElbaTech Kelvin feedback controller allows a fine tuning feedback, crucial for sensitive and stable Contact Potential Difference (CPD) measurements, as required in Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy. In closed loop the controller gains PI are fine tuned until the DC tip potential track the voltage applied to the sample. Operating the feedback at maximum sensitivity ensures that tracking of small changes in the surface potential becomes possible.


Power supply 230 Vca (50 Hz)

Max input signal amplitude 20 V p.p.

Bandwidth DC - 100 KHz

Max output signal amplitude 20 V p.p.

Reference signal 10 V (selectable)

P gain (selectable) 

I gain (selectable)

Integral modality selectable (Fast/Slow)

10-way low pass filter (selectable)

Selectable gain

Output signal monitor on the front panel (with analogic display)