AFM Photocell Preamplifier



Our AFM preamplifier is suited for both two- and four-quadrant photocells and embeds 4 very low-noise, high bandwidth current to voltage converter and amplifiers. The device is shipped as a raw, populated PCB card in order to allow for proper mounting inside the custom User's measuring heads. The preamplifier is both compatible with common-ground and common-VCC photocells. We can provide also different types of photocells which have been proven to be perfectly compatible with this device, as well as assist the User in the choice of different models. Upon request, the preamplifier can be enclosed in a metal chassis.



Power supply 220 Vca (50 Hz)

Demodulation frequency 1 KHz - 1MHz

Max input signal amplitude 10 V p.p.

A/D converter resolution 12 bit

Output signal frequency 1 KHz - 1MHz

Output signal resolution 1 Hz

Output signal amplitude 100 mV - 20 V p.p.

Output signal waveform sinusoidal type

Output signal distortion 0,0005 T.D.H.

Output signal monitor on the front panel

PC interface parallel port

Software Written in Lab Windows CVI environ.(National Instruments TM)

Phase output proportional to the phase difference between Mod. Out and Signal In