SPMagic R2


The SPMagic R2 is a low-cost, compact solution intentionally designed as an open, customizable SPM Control System. SPMagic R2 consists of a computer driven SPM controller equipped with both AFM and STM signal conditioning electronics, capable of implementing further measuring techniques such as SNOM or others.The system can be connected with one of our precision high voltage amplifiers suitable for interfacing home-built as well as commercial measuring heads. The system is a self-consistent instrument which can be used as-it-is (just turn on the power and go !)as well as in a variety of different setups, since all signals are avalilable at the front panel and can be used to customize the setup, even in conjunction with add-on external equipments.The software allows the control of all the available features and directly drives the data acquisition. Extra analog input channels are available for further improving the experimental capabilities.The SPMagic R2 controller provides different types of XYZ scan signals and can therefore be easily connected with many types of High Voltage amplifiers, either choosen among our models or from thirdy part prooducers. In particular, the system provides outputs directly compatible with most piezoactuator Companies’ standards. Among them we can quote PiezoSystemJena, Physik Instrumente, Staveley sensors Inc and others.We produce our T-100, T-400, T-700 SPM-devoted HV amplifiers as well as many other models suitable for special piezoelements.

Product highlights

  • All available signals are present at the front panel, which enables easy and fast customization of the experimental setup.

  • Full 18/16 bit data acquisition electronics. The AD/DA sections of the controller are embedded in a PCI card which also provides the system with sinchronization and digital I/O signals.

  • Positioning 16 bit DAC technology plus 16 bit scan DAC allows to maximize the scanning resolution at any scan dimension.

  • The controller if fully software-controlled. No front panel switches and pots ! Just open the user interface window or pop up panel dedicated to a certain section and perform all settings and regulations from there. New software releases will be free and downloadable from our web site. Our company ensures that support on the driving software will be continued for years.

  • The flexible software control allows easy and fast setting even when external devices are used for particular experimental setups. In these cases, choose the correct plugs at the front panel, connect them to your equipment and easily switch the signal path from the software program.

  • An AFM measuring head can be included; it is a compact and flexible solution featuring a four quadrant detection system together with an intensity-regulable laser diode. Plane scan ranges vary from 1x1 Ám up to 100x100 Ám. Custom ranges are available upon request, just specify the range you need at the order time !

  • The system allows contact deflection, topography and torsion measurements, as well as tapping mode imaging with the integrated LetItTap module, force-distance curve and maps. Specific additional measurements can be easily setup.

  • STM measurements are perforfed using an external, shielded, high precision lin/log current preamplifier, directly connected to the controller STM input.