SPMagic Autoapproach



Special tip-sample approach systems

We can offer a special equipment, called WaveMagic, suitable to realize custom autoapproach systems with User-selected movers. For example, inertial movers or custom piezoelements can be easily driven by our system, thus allowing to implement sophysticated tip-sample approach mechanisms with maximum reliability.Notice: this system is NOT needed when SPMagic operates with its built-in measuring head.Our WaveMagic autoapproach system is composed by: one 12 bit, four channels, fast data output PCI card one High Voltage amplifier model T-401 with two channel 

The system is fully integrated into SPMagic, which directly allows to step forward and backward the mover by a discrete number of steps or indefinitely until a stop button is hitted. In addition, an integrated zero-crossing-based automatic stop is available for tip-sample approach: The combination of the fast DAC card and our HV amplifier model T-401 gives the best combination for a complete and reliable digitally-controlled high voltage waveform generator. The amplifier is modular and is offered initially equipped with two channels, ideal in most systems which make use of inertial movers. The device is however capable of incorporating up to six independent channels using the on-board power supply, thus offering the possibility to widen the number of channels for future needs: WaveMagic software is an user-friendly waveform editor directly capable of driving the system, thus allowing the user to design arbitrary waveforms and to run them immediately on field. The editor is a graphical user interface with simple commands and tools by means of which the User can draw the waveform shape on the screen, even working on a pre-loaded waveform file.  Once the waveform is drawn the User can save it on file for further editing or usage, or can run the waveform creator to obtain the corresponding output signal from the DAC card (and eventually the HV amplifier)


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