SPMagic Measuring Head



SPMagic AFM Measuring HeadAFM/STM measuring head

Our measuring head's geometry features a compact solution (base only measures 16x12 cm) embedding an AFM optical lever system based on a red laser beam and a four-quadrant photocell (thus allowing lateral and friction force measurements). The measuring head can be based on two different sample movers:
1. an open-loop X-Y-Z piezo element
available scan ranges: 38x38x38 Ám,
100x100x100 Ám

2. a feedback-controlled X-Y-Z piezo element available scan ranges: 30x30x30 Ám, 80x80x80 Ám
The AFM measuring head includes an additional piezo plate for oscillating modes. Tip-sample approach is automated by means of a DC motor.


SPMagic AFM Measuring HeadSPMagic AFM Measuring Head