SPMagic STM Kit



We offer two STM preamplifiers models, respectively indicated for tip-grounded and for sample-grounded experimental setups. Both models allows setting the bias voltage between tip and sample through a software driven 16 bit digital to analog converter and feature a gain of 10^8 (i.e. 1nA input current corresponds to a 100 mV output voltage). The preamplifiers are embedded in a metal chassis for noise immunity and connect to the Controller by means of a single cable. Our preamplifier's input current range goes from 30 pA to 10 nA both in logarithmic and linear mode. The equivalent output noise with no input is 4 pA RMS. The following plot shows the frequency response of the preamplifiers with 1nA input current. ElbaTech offers also optional current preamplifiers with different features to allow particular measurements. Among them we can quote a BEEM-oriented low-current precision current-to-voltage converter with a gain of 10^11 (BEEM is Ballistic Electron Emission Microscopy). These preamplifiers are usually too slow for STM operation but are best indicated for specific purposes, therefore they should be used accordingly to particular User's needs.